Here’s how to make a stress free move

What is the notice period required for moving?

  • Identify which items are to be shifted to the new location, as it takes a long time to dispose off the unwanted stuff.
  • Start thinking about the layout of the new home/office, which will help you decide which items needs to be placed where. This will avoid the stress after moving into the new location.
  • Call the moving consultant and discuss the move in detail, it will help you plan your activities related to the move.
  • Return borrowed items such as library books, tapes etc.
  • Check if you have given any items for repairs that need to be picked up before the move.
  • When you disconnect your computer system, do not forget to take the back up of important files.
  • Drain all the oil and gasoline from machines like lawn mowers, generator set etc.
  • Defrost and clean the refrigerator before the move.
  • Disconnect the phone lines and make sure that the new connection arrangements are taken care of.
  • Inform DEWA, ETISALAT, BANKS, INSURANCE CO. about your changed postal address and telephones.
  • On the day of the move please make sure that your representative is present at the site to help the moving supervisor take some on site decisions that saves repetition of work.
  • Make sure that the key of the new location is handed over to the supervisor before the first pick up leaves for the new location.
  • Make sure that all the cabinets and drawers are unlocked before the crew starts their job.
  • We advice you to carry important documents, jewellery, cash etc. yourself.
  • Clear all the dues with the old landlord before moving and the required permissions are taken before the packing crew arrives.
  • Items like baby food, medicines etc. which you would require on priority, needs to be identified in advance.
  • After moving to the new location, get the utilities connected immediately (washing m/c, dish washer, freeze etc.)

Moving checklist

  • Prepare list of items to be disposed off.
  • Clearing dues with the existing landlord.
  • Take security permission for moving out.
  • Apply for permission to move in with new premises security.
  • Return any library books.
  • Return any borrowed items.
  • Empty kitchen cupboards and throw away items that you don’t intend to take with you.
  • Prepare the list of items that need insurance.
  • Reconfirm the schedule with the moving company.
  • Discuss with the moving consultant about the hanging clothes so that important clothes can be carried on hangers.
  • Inform neighbors about the moving van coming in and if they need to do any alternative arrangements for their parking.
  • Keep a separate box of essential items for the day of the move.
  • Make up a snack box and toiletries box so that the rest can be packed away.
  • Take back up of your computer.
  • Disconnect Etisalat and Dewa.
  • Apply for new connection of Etisalat and Dewa for new premises.

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